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We do not buy books. We will give you store credit for your books.
You receive 50% of our list price for store credit. Example: you bring us a book we list at $8.99. You will receive $4.50 store credit. If there is no publisher price marked on a book, we will perform an internet search for a price.  We will list the book at a price we feel we can sell it for and you will receive 50% of that price.

Please note: we may not accept a book due to many factors like we already have half a million of every James Patterson book known to man, or the age of the book or we feel it won’t sell, etc. Let us know if you want the books we do not accept back otherwise they will be donated.

Using your store credit

Store credit is good for used books and used DVD’s only. (With the exception of our Rare/Vintage books. You may not use store credit for these gems.) You may not use store credit for special order books. Example:
Customer: "Can you please order (insert name of book here) for me?"
Me: "Absolutely, I'll call you when it arrives."
No, you may not use store credit.

Store credit is not good on used books marked with a circled R on the label.

When using your store credit 80% of the total will be applied towards your store credit. Meaning you will pay in cash, check or charge the remaining 20% plus tax on your total purchase.


If you are not using store credit 
You pay the sale price.
Thank you for giving your books a new life with Muddy Water Bookstore!!